How to Attract and Close Ideal Clients: The Ultimate Client Acquisition System

This training will help you understand how to use your assessment in your enrollment conversations to truly serve the potential client and make the process fun and wildly successful. From how to establish instant rapport, to how to shave 20 minutes or more off the call and still lead them to a YES, you will come away with insights you can put into practice right away:

  • Why assessments are the go-to sales conversion tool of the future;
  • How assessments grow your list with highly-qualified leads;
  • How to create meaningful interactions with ideal leads in this digital age;
  • How to stop wasting time with prospects who are not ready or able to invest in support;
  • 5 tips for using prospects’ assessment results to double your Discovery Sessions sales; and
  • 7 proven strategies you can deploy to streamline and accelerate your sales success.

Your Masterclass hosts...

Lead Scoring assessments are now a necessity for service providers

picture of Jane Deuber, CEO of Magpai

Jane Deuber

Jane Deuber is a sought-after business strategist, best-selling author, and 7-time successful entrepreneur.  Through her software company, Magpai, Jane and her team help coaches, consultants and authors attract qualified leads, create meaningful connections, and enroll ideal clients by harnessing the power of assessment marketing.