Increase attendance, inspire engagement and
close more clients from your next event

Utilizing lead-scoring assessments to measure how your attendees feel before and after the event, will increase engagement and produce more bottom-line profits for you.

Photo of a black woman smiling at her computer with mockups of assessments and magpai results hovering around her.

What if you could know exactly who was committed and ready?

You’ve committed to a date, you’re investing insane amounts of time, resources, and money to make it a success, but have you truly figured out how to turn a registrant into a paying client?

  • Potential clients register for your webinar, 5-day challenge, summit or live event but then disappear because you don’t have a way to create meaningful connections right from the start.

  • Or worse, you have decent sign-ups but don’t know where each attendee is on their path, what they desire or what’s been holding them back from achieving their goals and dreams.

  • When designing your event content, you’re shooting from the hip, hoping that what you present resonates with attendees, solidifies your authority, and builds a desire for what you offer.

  • You know your ideal client, one who is ready for what you offer and willing to invest, is on the registrant list, but you have no way of spotting who they are.

  • As you kick-off your event, you know you need to make people feel seen, heard, and understood, so they are inspired to engage, interact, and participate, but you don’t know how.

  • Even when an attendee shows a sincere interest in your offer, you fail to communicate the benefits they will enjoy when they say yes to your offer – so they don’t buy.

You don’t want to hold an average, impersonal event that doesn’t inspire people to say yes to your offer.

You want a proven way to create a meaningful and personal experience for attendees, so they are inspired to take action by saying yes to your offer.

You want to be able to spot people who are highly qualified, committed to taking action, and ready to invest in themselves in order to live their dream.

With the right tool, a proven system, personalized support, and professional feedback, you can turn your next event into a highly valuable, incredibly meaningful, and hugely profitable experience.

That's why we created...

The Event Sales Success Toolkit

An image of a mockup showing the back-office of the Event Sales Success Toolkit and some mockups of assessments of our clients

Harness the power of lead scoring assessments to increase sales from your next event – live or virtual

The Event Sales Success Tool kit is a combination of our time-tested assessment software, our done-for-you concierge service, and a collection of proven templates, checklists, scripts and swipe copy.

By adding an assessment to you next event, you will…

Line icon of a woman a the focus

Increase Attendance and Conversion

No more no-shows or unengaged attendees because they don’t feel understood or seen. Our personalized assessment response strategy begins the rapport building process and creates excitement for your event.

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Up-level Your Offer & Content

Know where attendees are strong and where they need support with our detailed report of the assessment results. Go deep on certain topics add bonuses to your offer to ensure you are creating an irresistible offer.

icon of a magnifying glass hovering over a prospect

Spot those willing to invest

Spot those in the room who are ready for what you offer, committed to taking action and open to investing in support. By track attendees’ commitment score you’ll have your finger on the pulse of everyone in the room.

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Increase Your Closing Rate

When attendees discover the missing pieces that are holding them back and see exactly how you can help them achieve their goals, you’ll be amazed at how it inspires more people to say YES to both high and low-end offers.

When you join, you get...


Private consultations with the Founder

In addition to mapping out your pre-event assessment components that mirror your high-end offer, you can also use your time to get feedback on your high-ticket offer, or strategize your event agenda for maximum conversion.

What makes Jane such a master at assessment design and implementation is her combined experience of 35 years of sales training, 15 years in curriculum design and 5 years of helping both her team and her clients harness the power of assessment marketing.

Magpai's founder, Jane Deuber looking ecstatic while speaking on stage.

Done-for-you build out

In as little as 48 hours, our team of assessment specialists will have you up and running with a beautifully branded, high-converting pre-event assessment.

From integrating your data with your chosen CRM or helping you select a unique domain, we’ve got you covered with stellar personalized support and a 3 month subscription to the Magpai software.

Mockup of the Magpai back-office and a little assessment to the side

Access to Templates, Checklists, Scripts and Swipe Copy

You’ll have access to Magpai’s Event Sales Success Toolkit where you’ll find all you need to engage attendees before they arrive, spark meaningful interaction to inspire people to show up and play full out at your event. We’ll also provide you with a step-by-step process that takes very little time, but has huge payoffs in the form of higher attendance and increased conversion.

mockup of Magpai Academy login to get to the Event Sales Success Toolkit

Sales acceleration consultation

Once our team finishes building and branding your pre-event assessment, you’ll meet with one of our Sales Acceleration specialists to assist you in taking the steps necessary to infuse your assessment into your event. You’ll learn how to engage registrants right from the start, what tweaks you can make to your content and offer, and how to conduct high-converting enrollment conversations.

A cartoon illustration of a woman on her laptop sitting on a giant stack of books with a monitor next to her.

Pre & Post event support

Prior to your event, you’ll receive a results report that summarizes the data and provides an overview of your audience. Then, once your event is over, you’ll have our proven post-event Evaluation template to gather important feedback and keep the courting process in motion.

Don’t leave money on the table!  Not everyone will immediately buy at your event, so we will provide a proven 3-part post-event follow-up email sequence, to re-engage your committed attendees and drive them to book a post-event discovery session where you will have a one-on-one opportunity to move non-buyers into the perfect next step.

A mockup of Magpai back office 'Results page'  and a flow chart example of a follow-up email sequence

It’s Time To Maximize Your Event Results

You’ve invested considerable time, money and resources in your upcoming event, so it’s crucial you make the most of this opportunity.

Join some of the industry’s most respected leaders including Steve Olsher, Lisa Sasevich, Jay Fiset, Mark Porteous, Christine Kloser, Kim Carpenter and Laura Gisborne, just to name a few.

The Magpai team is ready to help you harness the power of a pre-event assessment to spot those who are ready for what you are offering and willing to invest in support.

Illustration of two people high fiving

What event hosts are saying...

“Having Jane’s expert insights on how to design my pre-event quiz, structure my event content and conduct on-site coaching sessions was instrumental in helping me identify the most qualified prospects in the room and then move them into my high-ticket offer. Not only did she support me leading up to the event, she and her team were on site to help me refine my pitch and increase our closing rate. Thank you, Jane!”
Headshot of Magpai client, Kim Carpenter

Kim Carpenter

World Changing Women

“Incorporating our assessment into our live event campaigns has been a game-changer. Not only did it help with conversion, but it also identified the need for two additional programs, which we recently launched with great success.”
Portait of Jay Fiset, a happy Magpai client

Jay Fiset


“Incorporating our Book Breakthrough Assessment into my 5-Day Quest has been a game changer for us. With over 1700 responses, my team was able to create meaningful connections before the event, sparking attendance and engagement that was off the charts. The results also enabled us to spot those who were most likely to invest, giving us a chance to include personal outreach throughout the challenge. If you hold any kind of event, incorporating Magpai’s assessment software is a super smart move, just as it was for us.”
Headshot of Magpai client, Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser

Best Selling Author, Coach, and Publisher

“We found the set-up of our event assessment with Magpai's team to be super simple. They handled much of the design and build-out. All we needed to do was a bit of branding and some final tweaks to the copy. I especially enjoyed reading through the assessments results to get to know attendees. We were able to spot those who were ready for our offer and pointed those who were not, to another trusted resource.  Finally, we saw an increase in engagement compared to chat reports from previous events. That helped us keep people present and engaged throughout the 3 days. We will definitely be incorporating our assessment into our upcoming events, now that we see the impact.”
Portrait of Renee and Mark Porteous, a team using Magpai

Renee & Mark Porteous

Creators of the Soulful Leadership Retreat and Community

“Using the Magpai pre-event quiz was instrumental in helping me get to know each attendee, what they needed and how we could help. Jane’s guidance on how to design my event content and flow hugely impacted my ability to increase conversion into our back-of-the-room offers.”
Photo of Jane Deuber and Steve Olsher at an event together

Steve Olsher

New Media Summit

“By having event attendees complete our pre-assessment, we were able to begin building rapport with those most likely to invest, before they arrived. We also found that knowing where each attendee was on their path, we were able to spot those in the room who were ready for our high-ticket offer. This information, combined with effective, laser-focused coaching zone sessions, contributed to having our highest converting, 7 figure event in 4 years.”
Headshot of Magpai client, Armando Villa smiling at the camera

Armando Villa


Meet your mentor

Magpai founder and CEO, Jane Deuber smiling for the camera by the pool.

Jane Deuber

Jane Deuber has been a start-up enthusiast for 36 years — launching 7 successful businesses, with her husband Mario, during that time.

Her first business was started with just $5000 around her kitchen table. They took that business to multiple 7 figures, and then sold in 2000, only to move on to her next adventure serving entrepreneurs in more than 20 countries.

Over her career, Jane has helped more than 10,000 entrepreneurs grow their business by mastering the art of selling in order to win back time, build a better life and contribute significantly to the lives of others.

Her current passion, Magpai, is the world’s premier lead scoring assessment software, serving coaches, consultants and service providers looking to attract highly qualified leads and close more ideal clients.

We get these questions a lot...

Here are some answers!

How does an assessment impact attendance, engagement and sales from my event?

My event is coming up soon. How long does it take to get my pre-event assessment up and running?

I’m holding a webinar, not a big 3-Day event. Is the toolkit still a good choice?

We are super busy with our event preparation. How much time will this require from me or my team?

Do I have to integrate with my CRM or purchase a unique domain for my assessment?

I don’t have a big support team for my upcoming event. Is it time consuming to implement an assessment strategy?

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