We’re passionate about using assessments to help you facilitate deeper connections and accelerate your sales process.

Our Mission and core beliefs

We believe the ultimate reason for being in business is to create greater abundance for our clients, our collaborative partners, and our team. We can only do this when we align our efforts with our values, are good stewards of what comes our way and create meaningful and lasting change in the lives of our clients.

We seek to align ourselves with like-minded individuals who are committed to making a positive contribution to their communities, their industry, and the world.

We strive to make every connection with our clients, vendors, collaborative partners and each other, uplifting, impactful and positive.


Icon of shaking hands indicating a closed deal

Have a compelling Call to Action that provides massive value through a self-assessment to help prospects understand what they need.


Hexagonal pattern with two icons of people indicating a segmentation

Automatically identify who is ready to grow and willing to invest in support, so you are spending your precious time with ideal prospects.


Icon of shaking hands indicating a closed deal

Conduct powerfully effective one-on-one sales conversations that lead to a yes, using the assessment results and our proven process.

How Magpai came to be

It was the fall of 2015. Jacquie, a team member, had recently taken over our one-on-one Discovery sessions to find ideal clients for our Business Acceleration mastermind program that ranged from $15,000 to $50,000.

It felt exhilarating to pass the sales process over to the team, but that feeling quickly faded.

Jacquie, despite her love and belief in the program she was offering, was not seeing the results we had hoped for. While I had been consistently closing 90% of my Discovery Calls, conversion had plummeted to less than 30%. She felt awful and I was worried that I would have to return to being the rainmaker and take over the enrollment process - again.

Knowing all solutions begin with a powerful question, I asked… “What process do I need to create in order to duplicate the sales success that had come so easily to me?”  

Before I could find a solution, I needed to take a close look at where we were.

What inspired Magpai

We wanted a more compelling lead magnet

List Growth

Over the years, our list growth had slowed down due to market saturation and increased competition. While before, lead magnets (including special reports, checklists and “how to” tips) were inspiring consistent opt-ins, the market was wanting something different – something that delivered unique value, beyond information.  

Assessments and surveys are now one of the highest-converting lead magnets thought leaders are using to attract ideal clients.
We wanted to understand what they needed

List Segmentation

Despite having grown our list to 10,000 people, we didn’t truly understand who was at the other end of the email. Not knowing where prospects were on their path or what they needed to move forward, kept us from being able to following up with relevant content, based on what they needed to create the changes they desired. 

Assessments provide you with proprietary data that enable you to dominate your niche and up-level your marketing outreach.
we were talking to people who were not ready

High-Converting Leads

My team was wasting tons of time talking to people who were either not ready for what we were offering or unwilling to invest in getting help. We knew we needed a way to spot the “tire-kickers” and “brain-pickers,” so we could focus on potential clients who were ready, committed and willing to invest in support.

An assessment enables you to pre-qualify leads and discover those who are at a stage where they are ready for your genus.
We were winging the sales conversation

A Proven Process

My team was handicapped without a proven process for each Discovery Session. Not only was each call taking 60 to 90 minutes of my team’s precious time, but I also discovered there was no step-by-step process for supporting prospects to determine what they needed and then articulating exactly how we can help. 

Imagine one-on-one sales conversations that are fun, meaningful and serve prospects at the highest level and end in a YES.
Experience the Tool

Does any of this feel familiar to you?

White Check Mark signifying a core feature of each plan.

You sense your sales process is haphazard.

White Check Mark signifying a core feature of each plan.

You don’t know who, on your list, is ready for what you offer and ready to get help.

White Check Mark signifying a core feature of each plan.

You find it challenging to communicate

White Check Mark signifying a core feature of each plan.

You are giving your precious time to people who are either not ready or not willing to invest.

White Check Mark signifying a core feature of each plan.

You want a step-by-step process for enrollment conversations that lead to a sale.

White Check Mark signifying a core feature of each plan.

You want to serve and create meaningful connections with the people on your list.

The birth of a new tool!

After lots of hard work and lots of testing, we took an assessment tool we were using with clients who use our eLearning software and turned it into a tool others could use to assess any lead, personalize the communication, and enter into meaningful conversations with those who were a fit.

Over the years, the tool has evolved, and we are now in its third iteration with all the features, templates and trainings that clients need to harness the power of assessment marketing.

Today, Magpai is empowering entrepreneurs to harness the power of assessment marketing to grow their list and spark meaningful interactions that lead to a yes to their offer.
Experience the Tool
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