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Let us take it from here

Your time is your most valuable asset, so why not let the experts get you up and running in no time at all with Magpai’s Done-For-You Assessment Bundle?

In as little as 48 hours, our team of assessment specialists will have you up and running with a beautifully designed, high-converting assessment of your own.

Introducing the...

Sales Acceleration Quick Start Bundle

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Here’s what’s included...


Private assessment design consultation with Jane's Team

Not sure what to include in your assessment or how to design your categories and statements? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Well-designed assessment categories and statements are essential to a high-converting assessment.

In this private consultation, our Sales Acceleration Specialist will gather the information she need to design an assessment that reflects your client’s path to success, making it easy and fun to conduct successful high-ticket enrollment conversations.

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Done-for-you build out

Imagine having our tech-geeks build your assessment for you!

In as little as 24 hours, our team of assessment specialists will have you up and running with a beautifully branded, high-converting assessment you can deploy with any one of our 7 assessment marketing strategies.

From integrating your data with your chosen CRM or finding a unique domain, we’ve got you covered with personalized support and a 3-month subscription to the Magpai software.

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Access to Templates, Checklists, Scripts and Swipe Copy

We’ve got you covered with online access to Magpai’s Sales Acceleration Resource Center where you’ll find helpful checklists, proven swipe copy and time-tested tips for putting your assessment to work in your business.

While we start with three of our most popular sales acceleration strategies (lead generation, list re-engagement and pre-discovery session) don’t stop there! Our one-click duplication feature makes it easy to start attracting and engaging your ideal clients.

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Group consultation with Our Founder

Once your assessment is built and ready to go, you’ll meet with our Founder, Jane Deuber, to strategize the best strategies for attracting more qualified leads and enrolling more clients. You’ll not only tap into her 5 years of assessment marketing experience, you’ll also gain from her 36 years of business-building success.

From refining your Calls-To-Action to sparking opt-ins on your home page, to increasing attendance to webinars, workshops and events, we are here to help you take your next steps to attract, engage, and enroll your ideal clients.

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VIP Bonus Trainings

Your marketing and sales success is driven by small, yet significant, tweaks in how you attract highly qualified leads, spark meaningful interactions, and close more ideal clients.

As a Sales Acceleration client, you will have access to five (5) exclusive bonuses to support you in closing more clients:

Bonus #1

Activate Your Marketing Mojo

The greatest danger for any entrepreneur is the loss of confidence in their ability to generate revenue, so they can keep their business a float and enjoy the lifestyle they desire. Without the inspiration and willingness to put yourself out in the world, your business is at serious risk. The more resistance you have to marketing and selling, the less likely you are to succeed.

In this training, Jane reveals time-tested insights for overcoming the many hurdles that are keeping you from generating the revenue you desire. From how to release your resistance to being seen, to choosing marketing avenues that are fun and aligned with your values, you’ll activate your Marketing Mojo to up level your success.

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Bonus #2

Craft Your Engaging Offer

Nothing will aid you more in marketing effectively and closing more clients than an unshakable belief in what you are offering. The greater your belief that your offer is the best next step for your clients, the more courageous you’ll be in your marketing, and the more effective you will be in all your one-on-one conversations.

In this training, you’ll take the all-important steps to clarify your client success path, chose what components you will include in your high-end offer and appropriately price your programs and packages. By the end of this training, you’ll have an enticing offer that provides a new sense of confidence in your ability to deliver on your promise and create raving fan clients.

Bonus #3

Lead Magnets Made Simple

A lead magnet is a free gift containing valuable content your ideal prospect is looking for and therefore are willing to provide their name and email address in order to download and enjoy. With their email address, you then have the power to nurture the new lead to spark meaningful interactions that lead to sales. But not all lead magnets convert!

In this training, you will learn what makes a lead magnet compelling, what mistakes to avoid and which lead magnets are converting in today’s noisy landscape. The result will be a collection of lucrative lead magnets that you can offer with confidence and creativity to grow your list and establish your credibility right from the start.

Cover page of the "Fabulous Follow-Up Guide" pdf guide. Two women discussing what is on the computer.
Cover page of the "High-Ticket Enrollment Blueprint" pdf guide. A woman smiling with a light white overlay.
Bonus #4

High-Ticket Enrollment Mastery

Enrollment conversations are the lifeblood of your business success. Without a reliable, proven, consistent way of hopping on a call and enrolling ideal clients - you don’t have a business, you have a hobby. What if enrolling dream clients could be simple, fun, and incredibly rewarding? What if you had a simple, step-by-step process for conducting enrollment conversations that resulted in 80% or more of people saying YES to your invitation?

In this training, you will discover Jane’s time-tested step-by-step process for conducting efficient, and effective enrollment conversations that you enjoy conducting and that end in a YES. Never again will you “wing-it” or feel nervous about selling when you follow the High-Converting Enrollment Call Blueprint.

Bonus #5

Fabulous Follow-Up Guide

In this day and age, where the market is saturated and your potential clients are inundated with offers and invitations, the only way to stand out and create the revenue you desire is to master the art of following up. Most business owners, however, lack the discipline and courage to follow-up with leads, fearing that they will appear pushy, bothersome, or even desperate.

In Magpai’s 10-Day Follow-up Action Guide, you’ll have access to proven scripts, swipe copy, and easy-to-use templates that make following-up simpler, faster, and a lot more profitable. From Jane’s tell-it-like-it-is dose of inspiration, to her comprehensive get-it-done checklist, you will leave this training feeling equipped to increase sales with a system for effective follow-up.

Cover page of the "Fabulous Follow-Up Guide" pdf guide. A woman smiling whilst on the phone.

Magpai serves the thought-leader community

We work with experts who want to attract highly qualified leads, create meaningful connections and close more clients with ease.


Digital Marketers


Health Practitioners

Service Providers


Course Creators


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What our clients are saying...

Lead scoring assessments are now a necessity for coaches, consultants, and trainers.

"Incorporating our assessment into our live event campaigns has been a game-changer. Not only did it help with conversion, but it also identified the need for two additional programs, which we recently launched with great success."

Portait of Jay Fiset, a happy Magpai client

Jay Fiset


"Assessments helped structure my event content and conduct on-site coaching sessions which were instrumental in helping me identify the most qualified prospects in the room and then move them into my high-ticket offer."

Headshot of Magpai client, Kim Carpenter

Kim Carpenter

World Changing Women

"If you hold any kind of event, incorporating Magpai’s assessment software is a super smart move, just as it was for us."

Headshot of Magpai client, Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser

Best Selling Author, Coach, and Publisher

"Whether I am doing a presentation, workshop or hosting a masterclass, all my clients can benefit from having an assessment of their own to use in their sales and follow up process."

Headshot of Magpai client and founder of Power Up Your Follow Up, Debbie Hoffman

Debbie Hoffman

Founder of Power-up Your Follow-up

"Since requiring potential clients to take my assessment prior to our conversation, I’m averaging an 85% closing rate and shortened the time it takes to get to a YES."

Picture of Magpai client, Erica Boling, and her dog that she trained.

Erica Boling

Northeast K9 Institute

“By having event attendees complete our pre-assessment, we were able to begin building rapport with those most likely to invest, before they arrived. This information contributed to having our highest converting, 7 figure event in 4 years.”

Headshot of Magpai client, Armando Villa smiling at the camera

Armando Villa


"I've been using Magpai Assessments since 2017 and haven't looked back since. By having potential clients take my assessment prior to a Discovery Call, I save time and have a proven process for enrolling those I want to work with."

Portrait headshot of Isablle Tierney, a trusted Magpai client.

Isabelle Tierney

Founder of The Good Life

"Magpai’s assessment software has been an invaluable asset to my business. I've been using it for over two years and the information that this magical tool has helped me collect is PRICELESS!"

Portrait headshot of Magpai Client, Patty Farmer.

Patty Farmer

Marketing Media and Money

"Jane’s guidance on how to design my event content and assessment and flow hugely impacted my ability to increase conversion into our back-of-the-room offers.”

Photo of Jane Deuber and Steve Olsher at an event together

Steve Olsher

New Media Summit

The Sales Acceleration Quick-Start Bundle


2- and 3- payment plans available

Limited Time

Magpai's Done-For-You

Private assessment design consultation with our Founder

The build out of your assessment in Magpai

Private implementation session with an Assessment Specialist

Templates, checklists, scripts, and swipe copy

3-month subscription to Magpai

Done-For-You configuration of your unique domain

Done-For-You integration with your CRM

Your ongoing subscription after your first 3 months is $69/mo

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Bonus #1: Activate your Marketing Mojo

Time-tested insights for overcoming the many hurdles that are keeping you from generating the revenue you desire.

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Bonus #2: Craft Your Engaging Offer Training

All-important steps to clarify your client success path, create your high-end offer and appropriately price your programs and packages.

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Bonus #3: Lead Magnets Made Simple

Learn what makes a lead magnet compelling, what mistakes to avoid and which lead magnets are converting in today’s noisy landscape.

Simple line icon of 3 mockup templates with a hint of blue and coral color throughout

Bonus #4: High-Converting Enrollment Call Blueprint

Discover Jane’s time-tested step-by-step process for conducting efficient, effective enrollment conversations that end in a YES.

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Bonus #5: Fabulous Follow-Up Guide

Access to proven scripts, swipe copy, and easy-to-use templates that make following-up simpler, faster, and a lot more profitable.

We get these questions a lot...

Here are some answers!

If I need help designing my assessments or surveys, is there someone to talk to?

Yes! We have content design specialists available to answer questions and review your assessment in our daily office hours.

We also provide content templates, examples, and how-to instructions that make setting up your assessments easy and fast.

Can I integrate with my CRM?

Yes! We currently only integrate with 5 CRM's:

  1. Keap
  2. ActiveCampaign
  3. Mailchimp
  4. ConvertKit
  5. AWeber

Can my assessment sit on a custom domain? Like ''...

Yes! We do offer a service to connect your lead-scoring assessment to a custom domain.

We find that our clients do this for two main reasons: (1) a custom domain is easily shareable on meetings, webinars, etc... (2) and this gives your assessment and tech presence more credibility.

What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is the act of rating a prospect or lead, often times through numeric values, to better gauge a lead's commitment and their overall sales-readiness.

This score allows a few things:
(1) A lead score allows you to prioritize your time with the prospects and leads who are highly-committed.
(2) Let's you engage in more meaningful conversations from the get-go due to prior knowledge on their path.

Can you implement videos to be incorporated within assessments?

Yes! Because our assessment features dynamic pages that have custom content based on their scores, we encourage our clients to implement custom videos for each type of lead (based on their scoring).

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