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Two ways to earn


Commission on the Sales Acceleration Bundle

(That's $259 to $319 per package sale)


Commission on Magpai subscriptions for 2 years

(Lifetime payout only available to those who promote in Q2)

There are three ways to participate

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Co-host a collaborative and personalized webinar with our founder to get users into action and provide niche bonuses.

(Must have a community of 4,000+)

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Easily spread the news about Magpai using your unique referral link and earn cash rewards in the process.

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Invite your community to attend one of our four high-converting webinars that we are hosting for the public.

Magpai serves the thought-leader community

We work with experts who want to attract highly qualified leads, create meaningful connections and close more clients with ease.


Digital Marketers


Health Practitioners

Service Providers


Course Creators


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Why promote Magpai?

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Assessments are trending!

Assessments, quizzes and surveys are the newest way for coaches, consultants, authors and service providers to attract qualified leads, create meaningful connections and move prospects into the proper paid product or program. Magpai is the leading source for this latest technology.

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