Founder’s Deep-Dive Consultation Package

Let us help you maximize your results from your assessment

with support from both our Founder and our team of assessment specialists.

Get our Founder's brain on your business!

You know the importance of having an assessment to automate your sales process and increase conversion, but your time is precious.

In a private, 90-minute consultation with Magpai Founder, Jane Deuber, you’ll gain insight from her 36 years in business and 5 years of helping people, just like you, harness the power of assessment marketing.

You’ll come away with clear next steps for maximizing your investment to attract ideal leads and increase sales conversion in all your marketing channels.

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How can we help you

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Assessment Review

Are you wondering if your assessment is designed for maximum results and whether you are using it in all possible ways? Take advantage of this rare opportunity to have the founder and CEO of Magpai, to offer insights and strategies to effectively put it to work in your business.

New Lead Nurture Campaigns

Nurture every new lead with an onboarding campaign that builds trust, allows you to personalize your communication and move your ideal clients in to the right next step, based on where they are on their path.

High-Ticket Sales Success

Let Jane personally coach you on how to increase your close rate from one-on-one enrollment conversations using the assessment results, so you not only deliver exceptional value but also inspire ideal clients to say yes to your high-ticket offer.

Webinar Conversion Strategies

Increase your show up rate, spark meaningful interactions and spot those most likely to buy before you go live, using your assessment. Let Jane design three key webinar slides that will set the stage and increase conversion into your offer.

Event Sales Mastery

Whether you are hosting a 5-day challenge, a 3-day live event or a 1-day workshop, let Jane show you how to utilize your assessment to improve attendance, inspire engagement and increase sales into your high-ticket offer.

Lead Generation Through Speaking

There is a science to growing your list whenever you take the stage. From inspiring opt-ins to having your audience complete your assessment during your talk, we have a proven strategy for transforming each speaking gig into a list growth extravaganza.

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Meet our Founder

Jane Deuber is a sought-after business strategist, two-time best-selling author and a respected mentor to mission-driven entrepreneurs around the world.

Over the past 36 years, Jane has not only started and grown seven successful businesses of her own, she has also helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs transform their experience and expertise into highly profitable businesses that they love.

Today, through her assessment software company, Magpai, Jane and her team help coaches, consultants, authors and digital marketers accelerate their sales growth, by harnessing the power of assessments to attract ideal leads, create meaningful connections and close more ideal clients.

Jane has a reputation for providing mind-expanding guidance in every consultation, by focusing her three decades of business-building experience to help you grow your business. While her private clients pay as much as $33,000 a month for her support and guidance, her commitment to Magpai clients has inspired the Founder’s Deep-Dive Consultation package at a fraction of the typical investment.

The Founder's Deep Dive Consultation Package includes...

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In-depth pre-consultation intake process to assess your current business state

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Private 90-minute consultation to create one or two of the assessment marketing strategies

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Strategy-specific resources (action guides, templates, swipe copy)

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Follow-up call with a Sales Acceleration Specialist to ensure success with your assessment strategy

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Email follow-up with Jane, our Founder