Attract highly qualified leads and close more ideal clients

Your personally branded, lead-scoring assessment empowers you with the details you need to up-level your marketing, create meaningful connections and master the art of the 1-on-1 close.

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Grow Your List With Ease

An assessment is a compelling lead magnet that gathers essential information and that prospects love to complete.

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Spot Highly Qualified Leads

In seconds, you will be able to spot ideal leads who want what you offer and are willing to invest in getting support

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Double Your 1-on-1 Closing Rate

Conduct incredibly meaningful, laser-focused enrollment conversations that quickly and easily lead prospects to a YES.

Features of Magpai

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Customizable Templates

We’ve packed 5 years of assessment design experience into our niche-specific, turn-key templates so creating your assessment is simple, fast, and fun.

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Turn-key Launch Strategies

No matter where you are in business, we have a sales-generating strategy and proven swipe copy that you can put into practice in no time at all.

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Free Get-it-Done Sessions

You are never on your own with Magpai! Our friendly client care team is available to offer personalized support through our Daily Office Hours.

What our clients are saying...

Lead scoring assessments are now a necessity for coaches, consultants, and trainers.

"Incorporating our assessment into our live event campaigns has been a game-changer. Not only did it help with conversion, but it also identified the need for two additional programs, which we recently launched with great success."

Portait of Jay Fiset, a happy Magpai client

Jay Fiset


"Assessments helped structure my event content and conduct on-site coaching sessions which were instrumental in helping me identify the most qualified prospects in the room and then move them into my high-ticket offer."

Headshot of Magpai client, Kim Carpenter

Kim Carpenter

World Changing Women

"If you hold any kind of event, incorporating Magpai’s assessment software is a super smart move, just as it was for us."

Headshot of Magpai client, Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser

Best Selling Author, Coach, and Publisher

"Whether I am doing a presentation, workshop or hosting a masterclass, all my clients can benefit from having an assessment of their own to use in their sales and follow up process."

Headshot of Magpai client and founder of Power Up Your Follow Up, Debbie Hoffman

Debbie Hoffman

Founder of Power-up Your Follow-up

"Since requiring potential clients to take my assessment prior to our conversation, I’m averaging an 85% closing rate and shortened the time it takes to get to a YES."

Picture of Magpai client, Erica Boling, and her dog that she trained.

Erica Boling

Northeast K9 Institute

“By having event attendees complete our pre-assessment, we were able to begin building rapport with those most likely to invest, before they arrived. This information contributed to having our highest converting, 7 figure event in 4 years.”

Headshot of Magpai client, Armando Villa smiling at the camera

Armando Villa


"I've been using Magpai Assessments since 2017 and haven't looked back since. By having potential clients take my assessment prior to a Discovery Call, I save time and have a proven process for enrolling those I want to work with."

Portrait headshot of Isablle Tierney, a trusted Magpai client.

Isabelle Tierney

Founder of The Good Life

"Magpai’s assessment software has been an invaluable asset to my business. I've been using it for over two years and the information that this magical tool has helped me collect is PRICELESS!"

Portrait headshot of Magpai Client, Patty Farmer.

Patty Farmer

Marketing Media and Money

"Jane’s guidance on how to design my event content and assessment and flow hugely impacted my ability to increase conversion into our back-of-the-room offers.”

Photo of Jane Deuber and Steve Olsher at an event together

Steve Olsher

New Media Summit

We get these questions a lot...

Here are some answers!

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