How Deb utilized assessments to increase her closing rate by 30%

Jane Deuber

In just a few months, Deb went from frantically chasing down clients to seeing her calendar fill up with calls with qualified prospects after each of her webinars.

Through her Pre-Webinar assessment, Deb was able have her potential clients go through and self-reflect and provide Deb with their background information.

Deb was able to utilize the background information to better connect with clients when on her discovery calls.

Most importantly, Deb simply used the assessment as a hub for her Calendly link. If potential leads who took the assessment scored high in the commitment category, they could schedule a call with her at the end of their assessment.

Deb experienced Discovery Calls that dragged on & led nowhere

For Deb, a business coach and founder, the main issue and bottleneck she found with her business model was spending too much time on client follow-up.

It used to be that people would attend a webinar and she would manually follow up to get them on a conversation. This took a tremendous amount of time, and some leads  still fell through the cracks.

Now, thanks to Magpai, her bottleneck has disappeared. Not only was Deb able to resolve the bottleneck, she experienced three other crucial benefits of Magpai.

1. Seamless client follow-up

Naturally, an assessment will do the vetting for you. Our philosophy at Magpai is a simple one, connect with the clients who want to connect with you.

The leads that take that extra step to take an assessment are naturally more curious about what you have to offer. Pair this with a Calendly link at the end of their assessment, and there you have it - just like Deb experienced, a full calendar of calls that she put virtually no effort in… nice, right?

Client follow-up - solved.

2. Improved ideal client spotting

Magpai automatically sorts through leads that go through an assessment and places them in two categories - highly committed leads and regular leads. We, at Magpai, pride ourselves on this functionality that we call, Commitment Segmentation.

This allowed Deb to prioritize her time with those who were not only qualified leads, but eager to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship.

She was able to save her valuable time through prioritization - thanks to Magpai's Commitment Segmentation functionality.

3. Better and faster sales conversations

Okay, this is getting a bit long. But, we cannot omit the next benefit that Deb experienced through assessment marketing.

She tripled her closing rate - the answer is much simpler than you think

Here's how: she knew her potential leads. The assessment that they take allows the lead to reflect on where they are on their path.

Before her discovery calls, she’s able to glance over their results and jump into the call with knowledge on where they may need assistance.

Interested in having an assessment of your own?

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