The Missing Piece to Higher Enrollment

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Gone are the days of complicated processes, unnatural scripts, and manipulative closing tactics. What today’s conscious consumers want is a low-pressure conversation that helps them get clear on what they need, helps them define next steps and introduces clearly defined possibilities for getting support to move forward.

With this in mind, this blog is dedicated to the 7 elements that make up the next evolution of high-ticket selling. It’s a fresh approach to conducting enrollment conversations that are fun to conduct, takes a lot less time, delivers incredible value to the prospect and enables you to enroll ideal clients with ease.

Simple, authentic selling– it’s what’s working!

Sound like a dream? It’s not.

7 elements to master your 1-on-1 enrollment conversations

These elements are practiced by my clients, my team and reflect my own approach to enrollment conversations. It’s an approach that has evolved over 24 years of teaching sales and enhanced by the addition of a simple, yet significant tool… a personally branding online lead scoring assessment.

It’s an approach and process that combines an assessment with a simple “conversation guide” comprised of 7 simple steps you will love. We call it the High-Ticket Enrollment Blueprint.

1. Stop investing time in those not ready or willing to invest in support

If you have been following me for a while, this is not the first time you have heard this advice. For the past 5 years, we’ve been empowering thought leaders with lead scoring assessments that measure the commitment level of potential clients.

Whether they are already on your list, discover you through social media or hear you speak on a podcast, summit, or event… an assessment instantly helps you spot those who are ready for what you offer and open to investing when they find a solution that’s a fit.

For each potential client, your assessment measures their commitment level on a scale of 1 to 10.

  1. How committed they are to discovering what’s been holding them back and what steps they need to take next.
  2. How much they value the opportunity to meet with you to explore possible next steps.
  3. How willing and able are they to invest in support when they find a solution that feels like a fit.

2. Stop stressing and start truly serving

No matter where you are on the sales experience spectrum, hate it or love it, when you shift from having to do it perfectly or holding too tightly to your desired outcome (a sale), you block your true nature from flowing through and serving in the moment.

You go from change agent and coach to truly serving the individual, no matter where they are on their path. This selfless desire to serve creates an unbreakable bond and lays the foundation for a meaningful, life-changing encounter that is more likely to lead to the sale.

3. Walk the path they are walking

Powerful enrollment conversations require that you tap into the psychological and emotional journey prospects travel during the session. From nervousness or the fear of being judged, to discomfort that they may not be able to afford your offer even though they want it; empathy is key to gently guide them through each emotion. By navigating their assessment results, you are able to travel that emotional journey with ease, respect, and a sense of curiosity. This builds connection, which leads to the sale.

4. Keep them on track and focused

It can be difficult to keep prospects focused when you’ve created a space for them to share. Conversations can wander or shares can become lengthy when there are no guardrails to keep you on topic.

With an assessment, the exploration of where they are and what they need is easy to facilitate. By simply unpacking the areas where they’ve scored themselves low, you inspire a meaningful, laser-focused conversation that allows you to focus on what’s not working, quickly, respectfully and with ease.

5. Give them the gift of clarity

If you are like me, while we do our best to talk only to those who are ready and willing, you have a deep commitment to serve everyone who to comes to a call. In step 2 of our proven process for discovery sessions, you will unpack their assessment results together.

This gift of awareness reveals exactly where they are on track toward their vision and what missing pieces are holding them back. This gift of clarity is often life-changing and serves as a catalyst for making the changes they’ve been needing to make.

6. Clearly articulate your process for meaningful change

When designed properly, your assessment measures what we refer to as, the realms of impact. These are the areas in which you support them to make significant shifts.

Each section of your assessment mirrors the path you travel with private clients through coaching, or the module progression you’ve built into your online program or mastermind experience. By having a simple, yet profound way to help them see the path they will travel, you make it easy for them to see the value of what you are offering.

7. Paint a picture of what’s possible

Perhaps one of the most valuable insights Magpai clients gain when incorporating an assessment in their enrollment conversations is the “magic wand” question. In seconds, this question paints a picture of what’s on the other side for them when they say yes to working with you. After you have walked them through the first six steps of the High-Ticket Enrollment Blueprint, then ask this simple question.

Carol, now that we understand where you are strong and where you need to focus to create the changes and the results you are wanting, I’m curious. If you could come back to this very same assessment 3 (or 6) months from now and score yourself at an 8,9 or 10, what impact do you think that would have on your life/business/relationship/etc.?

This one simple question transports them to a future where they experience what they most desire and underscores what’s possible when they say yes to your invitation.

There you have it, 7 insights that, when applied to your enrollment conversations, can transform your success, enabling you to generate revenues on demand, whenever you want.

Wondering what strategies work well with Magpai?

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