The Energetics of Sales

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There’s no way around it, sales are the lifeblood of your business.

No matter what stage of growth you are in, creating a consistent stream of revenue is your top priority as the CEO, and therefore the key to thriving, long-term success.

Trust me… I know.

Since 1987, my husband and I have birthed 7 successful startups. Never did we infuse them with a big chunk of personal cash, credit card debt, bank financing or outside funding. Instead, we bootstrapped it, challenging ourselves to create positive cash flow as quickly as possible. It became a bit of a game for me, and each time we hit the launch button, I got better and better at creating systems for getting the sales flowing.

The great thing about bootstrapping your business is that it makes you scrappy, resourceful, and all-out courageous. Not just to pay yourself and your team, but to have the money needed to fuel the vision you are working so hard to achieve. I find it invigorating.

The role of “energy” and your ability to sell

Whether creating sales systems for our own businesses or for clients, time and time again, I saw the impact of energy at play. I describe the energy of sales as an energetic vibration, caused by both your perspective and value alignment, within the process of sales.

What’s interesting is that when your energy around sales is positive and aligned, it works in your favor by attracting people, opportunities, and experiences that move you toward your goals.  On the flip side, when your energy around sales is resistant and at odds with your values, it works against you by repelling the very thing you are wanting – sales.

To help clients (and myself) stay in a mindful money-generating mode that’s aligned with our values and an expression of our purpose and work in the world, I created something I call the Energetics of Sales Continuum. It’s a tool that has helped countless clients go from struggling with sales, to thriving and loving the process as an expression of taking their work to the world.

The Energetics of Sales Continuum

The Energetics of Sales Continuum is a tool for tracking where you are on the energetics spectrum when it comes to your relationship to sales.

At the low (far right) end, the vibration is high. People with a healthy, expansive relationship to sales share these beliefs and perspectives.

The world is abundant with no limits to the financial success we can all experience.

  • The world is abundant with no limits to the financial success we can all experience.
  • I have something unique and valuable that my ideal client is searching for right now.
  • I pour my heart into my offers and commit to my clients getting what they came to me for.
  • I am comfortable charging clients for my experience, expertise, and the value I offer.
  • I email my list regularly because I believe they want and will benefit from what I share.
  • I know that the more I am in communication with my list, the deeper the connection.
  • I understand that prospects need to receive multiple invitations to do business with me.
  • I love the Discovery Session process, where I help clients discover the right next steps for them.

At the low (far left) end, the vibration is low. People with a restrictive relationship to sales share these beliefs and perspectives.

  • I don’t like to be sold to and am often bothered when others make an offer to me.
  • I don’t email my list very much because I don’t want to bother them.
  • I’m uncomfortable sending too many emails to my list for fear I may appear desperate.
  • I will extend an invitation to a client but don’t like following up when the timing wasn’t right.
  • I am often uncomfortable when it comes to making an offer or asking for the sale.
  • It feels like others in my niche are more experienced and confident than me.
  • I sometimes doubt my ability to deliver on the promises I make in my marketing.
  • I dread Discovery Sessions because I don’t have a process that is both comfortable and effective.

Where are you on the Energetics of Sales Continuum?

How about you? Where do you land on the sales energy continuum?

If you checked more boxes in the second group, your energy is more restrictive and are likely bumping up against some challenges in the area of sales.

If you checked more boxes in the first group, your energy is more expansive and are likely feeling a sense of flow when it comes to sales. When opportunities cross your path, you ease into it with optimism and a sense detachment, knowing what’s supposed to happen, will. You also understand the importance of being an intentional advocate for the other’s success. You gently guide and support them to make a decision that serves them, without concern for your interests.

What’s the energy you are holding around marketing and sales?

Is it open, expansive and comes from a place of excitement and service? Or is it closed, restrictive and comes from a place of heaviness and lack?

If you are closer to the left side (restricted) than the right (expansive), it’s not your fault. Chances are you have never been guided through the process of cleaning up your energy around sales. The good news is, we can start today.

One step you can take to shift your feelings around sales and marketing is to get curious about your underlying beliefs around sales. Notice, as you move through your week, what scenarios make you retract and what make you expand.

Here are some things to notice when it comes to others’ sales-related reactions.

  1. When you receive 3 emails from someone who is on the last day of their launch, what do you think or feel?
  2. When someone emails to share a friend’s webinar that you really should attend, how do you react?
  3. When someone posts in Facebook about their business with a link to buy, what comes up?

Here are some things to notice when it comes to you promoting or selling your products or programs.

  1. When you have an opportunity to share what you do, do you feel clear, excited, and eager to share?
  2. In a sales conversation, when you get to the part where you talk about the investment, do you lean in with ease and assuredness?
  3. When someone says they need to think about it, do you let it go or do you have a comfortable way to continue the conversation?

Your perspective and internal reaction – whether being sold to or marketing to others - is an indication of where you sit on the Energetics of Sales Continuum. The further you sit to the left where the energy is restrictive and negative, the more challenges you will face. The further you sit to the right where your energy is expansive and aligned, the more sales you will attract.

You are here to impact positive change with the work you do.

You deserve to be well-paid for the difference you make.

You have the right to experience the fun, meaningful and rewarding experience of selling that can only happen when your energy around sales is stress-free, aligned with your values, and fun.

Take the first step to raising your sales vibration

I have an invitation for you. It’s simple, yet it can have a profound impact on how you market and sell and therefore, the ultimate success of your business.

For the next 5 workdays, be present to how you feel and what you think whenever you encounter a situation in which you are either being sold to, or marketing or selling to others. Notice how you feel in your body. Notice what you are telling yourself. Notice where you are on the continuum.

One mantra we love here at Magpai is this…

“Awareness is the first step to meaningful, lasting change.”

The very act of being aware of where you are on the continuum gives you the opportunity to consciously shift to a more positive, open, and expansive energy. When you do that, the world opens up to you and what you have to offer.

Enjoy the journey!

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