headshot of Jane Deuber the founder of Magpai.

Our Founder, Jane Deuber

Since her first business debut in 1987, Jane Deuber has emerged as a leader in the thought leader world, helping 10’s of thousands of people discover the transformative power of entrepreneurship. After taking her first business to multiple millions in annual revenues, Jane and her husband, Mario, sold that business to embark upon a journey that led to 6 additional, start-ups and decades of impacting positive change in the lives of their clients and community.

What sets Jane apart from other leaders in the business-growth world, is her unprecedented track record for turning simple ideas into profitable companies that make a significant difference in the world. Whether breaking a 5-year sales record on an international shopping network, speaking to 400 women in Malaysia on the power of entrepreneurship, or mentoring her son to help grow the family businesses, Jane is a champion of the power of business ownership.

Her latest passion project, the re-launch of her software company Magpai, is taking the personal development industry by storm. Birthed in 2015 out of her own desire to understand her community, create meaningful connections and simplify the sales process, the assessment software she created is now transforming how coaches, consultants, trainers and authors grow their list, spark meaningful interactions and close their ideal clients.
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While we may look like a software company, we are so much more. We fly stealth - using technology to help you stand out in your niche, create meaningful connections and move the right people into the right products or programs with ease, simplicity and fun.

Bottom line...

You’ve stumbled upon a company, a team and a founder who cares deeply about your success and wants to help you impact greater change and increase your income exponentially.

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