Mastering High-Ticket Enrollment Conversations

by harnessing the power of assessments

Are you sensing that your discovery calls aren't leading to valuable conversations that turn into clients?

See how Magpai's founder, Jane Deuber, implements a simple, service-driven approach to discovery calls that serves prospects and doubles or even triples your sales success rate.

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What you'll learn

This training will help you understand how to use your assessment in your enrollment conversations to truly serve the potential client and make the process fun and wildly successful. From how to establish instant rapport, to how to shave 20 minutes or more off the call and still lead them to a YES, you will come away with insights you can put into practice right away:

  • Why it’s essential that prospects complete your assessment before you connect
  • How to establish immediate rapport in the first 3 minutes of your conversation
  • How to use their assessment results to respectfully explore what’s not working
  • How to comfortably transition to your offer and show how you can help
  • How to build desire by painting a picture of the future they are wanting
  • A simple outreach strategy to get qualified leads on your calendar

Founder of Magpai

Magpai founder and CEO, Jane Deuber smiling for the camera by the pool.

Jane Deuber

Founder and CEO of Magpai

Jane Deuber is a sought-after business strategist, author and 7-time successful entrepreneur. Through her two transformational technology companies, she helps thought leaders leverage their expertise by delivering their programs online and supercharging their client-acquisition process by attracting ideal leads, sparking meaningful interactions and doubling sales conversion.

Her current passion, Magpai, is the world's most effective assessment software that empowers thought leaders to easily create branded online assessments.