Why Elaine will never hop on a call without using an assessment

Jane Deuber


Meet Elaine Gibson, the founder of Renewed Living~ Extraordinary Health ~ Extraordinary Life. Elaine is a focused and passionate health and lifestyle coach that invites prospects, typically women over 40, to explore new ideas, discover new technologies and learn how to make simple, small, incremental changes as they move towards a healthy lifestyle.

Elaine’s story isn’t short of profound experiences, through medical triumphs one would call miraculous all through her philosophies of the lifestyle she teaches today.

As an entrepreneur, Elaine’s mission is to share the wisdom and insights of what she implemented in her life to, not only lead the optimized life she had wanted, but to prove her doctors wrong by beating stage IV cancer.

While her remarkable story is enough to engage any prospect who’s interested in up-leveling their personal health, Elaine was still experiencing difficulty “closing” the client once they hopped on a call.

In this case study, we’ll go over the ways in which Elaine refined her Discovery Session process, which led to a more consistent stream of revenue thus achieving her mission of helping women optimize their health and wellbeing.

The Problem: Enrollment conversations with lack-luster results

As a coach, you may have experienced something along these lines…

You put yourself out there through podcasts, networking and speaking opportunities. People discover what you are up to and become curious about how you can help. In Elaine’s case, the interest slowly began to grow, and Discovery Calls began to get booked.

To make the most of your time together, you want to learn more about them, what challenges they are facing and how you can help. What do you send?

An open-ended survey, or just a quick email? Gathering at least some information is crucial to how you prepare for and conduct the enrollment call. But what you send is just as important.

What Elaine found is that every time she would hop on a call with a curious prospect, they would have to start from ground zero. The introduction to the call is learning about their goals and challenges, by asking questions such as, “Do you have a daily practice?” or “What type of food do you eat – whole, natural, organic, or processed? This information can be gathered prior to the call, you step into the call with the clarity of where the prospect is today and the results they are wanting.

That’s exactly where an assessment comes into play.

Let’s highlight two main things that already set you at a disadvantage as a coach.

Starting off the call with unfamiliarity

As a coach, rapport building something so crucial to enrolling a new client. Let’s take a referrals an example. Perhaps, a happy client of yours has told a friend to have a conversation with you, and you send an introductory email with a few questions before your call. Those questions only go so far; the jumping off points are narrow and limited to how many questions you ask. 

Transitioning to the close can be rocky

One of the most difficult aspects of an enrollment call is transitioning to your offer. If your transition into a sale isn’t seamless, it breaks the flow and can potentially throw off the close. This applies to both veterans and newbies to selling.

Ending the call with an inevitable “no-sale”

One of the biggest philosophies we have hereat Magpai is embodied by this statement: “Why give a prospect one hour of your time if they won’t give you 4 minutes”. This is because an assessment only takes 3 - 4 minutes to complete and it acts as a screening process to avoid wasting time with what we like to call them at Magpai, tire-kickers.

Before Magpai, Elaine had happy clients who would have referred her any day of the week. Her client success path was not the issue, it was getting people in the door and having a conversation that led to a seamless enrollment.

The Solution: Elaine threw out her old script and followed Magpai’s training on effective enrollment

Let’s get into how Magpai and Elaine’s lead-scoring assessment went on to solve her three major problems that we’re limited her sales pipeline.

Instant familiarity and easy rapport building

Let’s face it, it’s easier to sell your valuable services if there is a genuine connection made between coach and prospect. Through the insights that you gain from the assessment results, you have more jumping off points to show that you are engaged with where they are, which allows you to create rapport right off the bat.

Assessment results become your script to sell

When you observe the scores within each category you can instantly see where they are excelling (higher scores) and where they have the most opportunity for growth (low scores). Let that be your script for how you conduct these conversations… Begin with celebrating their high scores – where they are doing really well. Then their low scores become the areas where you can help, leading them right into your offer.

No longer needing to talk to the uncommitted

In our world, time is more than just money. Time is your precious energy, and as an entrepreneur, energy is of utmost importance as it is one of the driving forces for revenue. By using a lead scoring assessment, you’re able to completely avoid those ‘tire-kickers’ and really hone in on those prospects that deserve your undivided time and attention.

All three of these pieces have absolutely unlocked Elaine’s sales conversion process. Having her prospects complete her assessment prior to any enrollment call, gives Elaine they clarity she needs to deliver value and make the enrollment call profitable and fun!

The Results: Elaine closed a $7,000 package!

Okay, the results here are pretty simple.Elaine managed to refine her sales pipeline, implement a time-saving process with the assessment, and come to her enrollment calls with confidence andgrace.

Her first call using an assessment ended up inclosing a client into a $7,000 coaching package. Of course, this has all to do with Elaine.

But she does claim to NEVER hop on a discovery session again without the prospect taking her assessment. For Elaine, this is non-negotiable.

As if that wasn’t enough....

Elaine learned that Magpai’s assessments aren’t just for sales conversations and calls but can also be leveraged it as a lead magnet.

Whenever Elaine is a guest on a podcast, she implements what we like to call the ‘Double-Win.’ Instead of just providing a lead magnet at the end of the interview, she offers her assessment URL where two things happen.

  1. Elaine captures their information and offers them the gift of self-reflection. This is exactly what the assessment does for those taking it – a way to look at each area of their life or business and “zero in” on where they are on the path toward what they desire.
  2. She cleverly places atop-performing piece of content (lead magnet) on the assessment thank-you page and in the auto-responder email they receive with their assessment results...(hence the ‘Double win’).

With these two strategies in place in Elaine’s business, she has become unstoppable in her growth and time-saving techniques.

All because of an assessment.

Interested in having an assessment of your own?

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