How Isabelle scaled her online coaching business with Magpai

Jane Deuber

Meet Isabelle Tierney, the founder of, an intuitive healer, teacher, and licensed therapist, with 25 years of private practice experience.

In this case study you'll hear how Isabelle scaled their sales conversations with Magpai as she grew her business. You will also hear how Isabelle was able to find the power of an assessment in user self-reflection and the trust she and her team were able to build using Magpai.

The Problem: Her client discovery process was too time-consuming

Isabelle has committed to teaching a path of love and transformation to people all over the world through her coaching, consulting, and training programs.

Inefficient discovery call process that requires too much time to see if the client is a good fit

Of course, creating transformation isn’t an easy business. 

You need to not only know where your client is starting and where they want to go, but you need to be able to craft a plan and strategy to help them get there. In order to craft that plan, Isabelle needed to know where they were on their path.

That’s why the typical “discovery” process for most coaches includes sometimes dozens of touch points with a prospect and usually a call (or two) to simply understand where they’re starting.

While this was fine for Isabelle in the beginning, as her company grew it became clear that it was not sustainable.

The Solution: How she utilized lead-scoring assessments streamline her process

  • Magpai provided an easy-to-use platform that gave her the power to start assessing her leads and better connect with them using the assessment.
  • Saves time having to backtrack through history.
  • Increases rapport and makes it easier for Isabelle and her coaches to connect with their students.

With an assessment, Isabelle is able to understand exactly where her clients are starting, where they are struggling, and based on the assessment results, she can pinpoint exactly where they want to go.

Isabelle typically has students take the assessment before going through her group coaching program. Based on the feedback from the assessment, Isabelle is then able to tailor her coaching and training to address her clients, meeting them where they are.

The Result: Increase connection and rapport with clients

Isabelle discovered another hidden benefit of using the assessment software:

By having her students take an assessment before beginning the program, and by having her coaches review their results before working with the client, it makes the experience more personal and intimate right from the start.

The end result is a much more open, honest, and enthusiastic group of students who feel seen and heard.

Interested in having an assessment of your own?

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